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"You can't comb a chicken."


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Follow my 2002 hike of the Pacific Crest Trail by reading my journal and looking at some photos on the way from Mexico to Canada.
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Helvetica is a cross between Lucille Ball, Pamela Anderson, and Janet Reno. Some labels: freak, bisexual, alcoholic, sweet, dumb, funny. Rcently released from Guantanamo Bay, Helvetica has resumed her role as mascot to the long-distance trucker's association, and has resumed responsibility for the day-to-day operations of her napkin folding business.
  Travels and adventures, rants and kudos in an oft' neglected blog, Cake Walk.

Photos, short bio, resumes, contact info & links to online profiles

  I spent 4 days on the atoll of Mokil, Micronesia, in 1990. The Web seems void of Mokil, so here it is. I was living on Pohnpei at the time.

Some labels: new, dream, edgy, mainstream.

  I decided to make my online notes a public resource as the nightmare with Apple ballooned into a whole blog's worth of posts.
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  Head to - The web face to my business, but the cobbler's children don't have shoes. Wired Nomad details.

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